Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Battles Rage and Lions Grow Fierce

The battles have not stopped in the long time since our last post. Dryer Island continues to attempt to prevail and Lea Land continues to pair with Little Lion Land to thwart the enemy's tactics.

In a mere few days it will have been an entire year since Little Lion Land has joined us. Shocking that the Lion has grown more fierce in this time, and has become much more formidable than ever before.
Daily, Lion Land is able to send troops to attack Dryer Island, especially focusing on PajamaTroops to make their first hits each time.

However, upon this last attack, it came about how well Dryer Island has been defending itself when the SockSpies reported back; very few of them were still partnered, as the Island has taken captive of a large quantity.

Hopefully we shall be able to reclaim these valuable allies.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Mighty Lion's Roar

Little Lion Land has mounted an offense against Dryer Island.  While the Island did not actively provoke this latest series of attacks, Little Lion Land has decided it prudent to show the enemy who, exactly, is the boss.

Therefore, Little Lion Land built an army with recruits from the local thrift store and hand-me-downs, hence providing the proper sheet-power to lodge a proper attack.

Upon clearing the lint trap of any enemy hostiles, Little Lion Land engaged Dryer Island in a battle like no other that we have seen so far; the Lion threw sheets, socks, and teddy bears into the fray, and found need to use the back up troops of little baby towels and a whole army of baby blankies.

This has been a successful and victorious day for Little Lion Land. Indeed, Lea Land was not even needed in this battle.

Dryer Island has suffered a great loss. Soon, this war shall be over, we hope.


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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Peace, War, and Perpetual Plots

As our campaign continues, Little Lion Land has pulled back temporarily. Their nation is currently expanding and growing, and the Lion has decided to focus on peace for a time.

However, Lea Land is a bloodthirsty nation, a stubborn Land, and will not give up, even for a short time. We have received word, once again, that Dryer Island is collecting their forces and preparing for another attack.

There was a minor skirmish earlier today, involving a covert operation of Lea Land's. Our military commanders put together a small team designed to infiltrate Dryer Island's war room. However, Dryer Island sprung their lint trap upon our team and they decimated our team. Lea Land is flying their flags at half-mast for those brave citizens of Lea Land. You have been loved and shall be missed.


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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Connections, Redirections, and Realizations

In this trying hour, Lea Land is pleased to announce that the relocation of both Lea Land and Little Lion Land has been successful. This relocation has been difficult for each nation, especially in the wake of the departure of Dryer Island; the Island received intelligence of a terrible drought before we did, and, as such, was able to relocate before we had a chance to react. Lea Land is ashamed to admit that we requested help from Dryer Island, but were, in fact, disregarded.

In the meantime, Little Lion Land was overjoyed to find that, in the rush of relocating, Dryer Island left their prisoners. Therefore, the sock spies have been reunited with their companions, and have been able to provide more reliable insight as to how Dryer Island is plotting.

Lea Land is quite sure that, now that everyone has been safely relocated and all have proper shelter, Dryer Island will strike soon. Lea Land is wondering how terrible the destruction and terror shall be this time.

We are at war. This may be a war unnoticed by the higher beings, but it is a war nonetheless. We need to prevail. Dryer Island cannot be successful in their takeover.

Image: Found! A precious sock spy, reunited with it's companion!


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Monday, April 22, 2013

Double Strike and Celebrations

Little Lion Land launched an attack on Dryer Island after their attempts at democracy failed. Little Lion Land's attack was very successful, and they were able to get their spies back. Little Lion Land and Lea Land had a very successful strategy meeting prior to this attack, and were able to pull off an effective strike; first Little Lion Land attacked, rescuing their citizens, and then immediately after that attack ended Lea Land struck, thus providing twice the strength.

Dryer Island has been crippled, and it is believed that the Island shall be relocating in the near future, as they attempt to recover from this blow.

Tonight, Lea Land and Little Lion Land are celebrating their victory!


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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spies and Democracy

One of our sock spies was able to escape the clutches of Dryer Island's dungeons! Upon their happy return, we learned that Dryer Island did, indeed, abduct our spies. We also learned a wealth of information regarding Dryer Island's war plans!

In the meantime, Little Lion Land was very upset that Dryer Island still has their sock spies. An ambassador from Little Lion Land was sent in hopes to negotiate some sort of trade in exchange for their spies; however Dryer Island claimed to have no knowledge of said spies, and in fact acted enraged that Little Lion Land would dare to send spies in the first place! However, the ambassador quickly pointed out the fiasco with Beverly the Bear.

Little Lion Land believes that force may be needed to get back the spies...

Image: The joyous return of the sock spy and the ambassador meeting with the Island.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Captives and Casualties

Alas, Dryer Island has struck a crippling blow; a brave soldier of Lea Land has fallen in battle. This soldier was a favorite among the units, known for it's comfortable mannerisms and dry attitude. It's faded denim shall not be soon forgotten.

Dryer Island has also taken its first hostages; three of our tiny little sock spies and one larger decoy sock spy have gone missing. We are expecting demands of ransom to be intercepted any day now, as our scouts have scoured the lands between Lea Land, Dryer Island, and Little Lion Land, finding no trace of our spies. Obviously, these spies have not fallen in battle, and we have reason to believe they have not been taken out of action.

Dryer Island has landed major, crippling blows to Lea Land, and Little Lion Land seems to be drawing back their support ever so slightly. As of now, we are unsure how we shall recoup these losses and deliver the vengeance needed.