Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Peace, War, and Perpetual Plots

As our campaign continues, Little Lion Land has pulled back temporarily. Their nation is currently expanding and growing, and the Lion has decided to focus on peace for a time.

However, Lea Land is a bloodthirsty nation, a stubborn Land, and will not give up, even for a short time. We have received word, once again, that Dryer Island is collecting their forces and preparing for another attack.

There was a minor skirmish earlier today, involving a covert operation of Lea Land's. Our military commanders put together a small team designed to infiltrate Dryer Island's war room. However, Dryer Island sprung their lint trap upon our team and they decimated our team. Lea Land is flying their flags at half-mast for those brave citizens of Lea Land. You have been loved and shall be missed.


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