Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Mighty Lion's Roar

Little Lion Land has mounted an offense against Dryer Island.  While the Island did not actively provoke this latest series of attacks, Little Lion Land has decided it prudent to show the enemy who, exactly, is the boss.

Therefore, Little Lion Land built an army with recruits from the local thrift store and hand-me-downs, hence providing the proper sheet-power to lodge a proper attack.

Upon clearing the lint trap of any enemy hostiles, Little Lion Land engaged Dryer Island in a battle like no other that we have seen so far; the Lion threw sheets, socks, and teddy bears into the fray, and found need to use the back up troops of little baby towels and a whole army of baby blankies.

This has been a successful and victorious day for Little Lion Land. Indeed, Lea Land was not even needed in this battle.

Dryer Island has suffered a great loss. Soon, this war shall be over, we hope.


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