Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Battles Rage and Lions Grow Fierce

The battles have not stopped in the long time since our last post. Dryer Island continues to attempt to prevail and Lea Land continues to pair with Little Lion Land to thwart the enemy's tactics.

In a mere few days it will have been an entire year since Little Lion Land has joined us. Shocking that the Lion has grown more fierce in this time, and has become much more formidable than ever before.
Daily, Lion Land is able to send troops to attack Dryer Island, especially focusing on PajamaTroops to make their first hits each time.

However, upon this last attack, it came about how well Dryer Island has been defending itself when the SockSpies reported back; very few of them were still partnered, as the Island has taken captive of a large quantity.

Hopefully we shall be able to reclaim these valuable allies.

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