Thursday, June 6, 2013

Connections, Redirections, and Realizations

In this trying hour, Lea Land is pleased to announce that the relocation of both Lea Land and Little Lion Land has been successful. This relocation has been difficult for each nation, especially in the wake of the departure of Dryer Island; the Island received intelligence of a terrible drought before we did, and, as such, was able to relocate before we had a chance to react. Lea Land is ashamed to admit that we requested help from Dryer Island, but were, in fact, disregarded.

In the meantime, Little Lion Land was overjoyed to find that, in the rush of relocating, Dryer Island left their prisoners. Therefore, the sock spies have been reunited with their companions, and have been able to provide more reliable insight as to how Dryer Island is plotting.

Lea Land is quite sure that, now that everyone has been safely relocated and all have proper shelter, Dryer Island will strike soon. Lea Land is wondering how terrible the destruction and terror shall be this time.

We are at war. This may be a war unnoticed by the higher beings, but it is a war nonetheless. We need to prevail. Dryer Island cannot be successful in their takeover.

Image: Found! A precious sock spy, reunited with it's companion!


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