Thursday, April 11, 2013

Captives and Casualties

Alas, Dryer Island has struck a crippling blow; a brave soldier of Lea Land has fallen in battle. This soldier was a favorite among the units, known for it's comfortable mannerisms and dry attitude. It's faded denim shall not be soon forgotten.

Dryer Island has also taken its first hostages; three of our tiny little sock spies and one larger decoy sock spy have gone missing. We are expecting demands of ransom to be intercepted any day now, as our scouts have scoured the lands between Lea Land, Dryer Island, and Little Lion Land, finding no trace of our spies. Obviously, these spies have not fallen in battle, and we have reason to believe they have not been taken out of action.

Dryer Island has landed major, crippling blows to Lea Land, and Little Lion Land seems to be drawing back their support ever so slightly. As of now, we are unsure how we shall recoup these losses and deliver the vengeance needed.

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