Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Our treaty with Little Lion Land has be a very productive venture; their sock spies, coupled with the hat decoys, have been able to give us very valuable information regarding the nature of Dryer Island's plans. While Little Lion Land's spies and decoys have been at work, our own spies have infiltrated Dryer Island's war room; however, they may be onto us, as they have not been openly discussing their next move for attack.

Lea Land's own war room has been cautious discussing our plans for the future, as we believe there may be another traitor among us... Unfortunately, Dryer Island's warm climate and comfortable perks can be all too appealing to our officers who wish to experience such pleasures. Therefore, we must be cautious and wary of everyone involved in our discussions and then some. We cannot trust anyone completely just yet. Soon, though. Soon.

Our next attack will involve a surprisingly intricate battle plan, involving the sock spies, hat decoys, plus Little Lion Land's army of gooey rags. We are hoping to be successful.

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