Sunday, March 17, 2013

Treaties, Pacts, and Traitors

Dryer Island has been a very slippery foe! After our successful attack that Cookie Monster led, Dryer Island recruited one of our own who managed to interfere with Lea Land's connections to the outside world, so we could not send out these messages. Needless to say, our new allies, Little Lion Land, have successfully taken care of that threat; Beverly the Bear has been slimed out of commission for her actions.

The treaty with Little Lion Land came about around two months ago, at first tentatively, but it has strengthened as their leader has continued to successfully provide Lea Land with troops to batter Dryer Island's defenses. They have provided Lea Land with invaluable spies, disguised as tiny little socks. Those spies have provided us with much information that will lead to Dryer Island's downfall.

Stay tuned for our next dispatch....


  1. You should totally write a children's book on this theme!

    1. That would be fun!
      Though I think I'll wait and see where this leads :) Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion, though!