Monday, November 12, 2012

The Machinations of the Enemy!

Dryer Island believes Lea Land is stupid, we think! But NO!! We know they were attempting to con us into thinking they had nothing to do with the power outage; we have thwarted their plans, however!

In causing the power outage, Dryer Island hoped to gain a coup against us by preventing a certain uniform from completing it's cycles. What they did not expect, however, was that our spies had tipped us off to their dastardly plot before they could gain the upper hand, and we had delayed the start of the cycles for this uniform! Of course, the ambassadors of Dryer Island are currently attempting to convince Lea Land that the outage had nothing to do with their nation, and even created a farce of maintenance workers "doing routine upkeep" to convince us so. However, while we barely accepted this excuse, we are still keeping a sharp eye out for more plots leaking through their front lines...

We will soon be sending in cavalry soldiers of various bears, dogs, and other assorted soldiers, with Cookie Monster and Big Bird as their leaders. We expect victory. Stand by.

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