Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spies and Democracy

One of our sock spies was able to escape the clutches of Dryer Island's dungeons! Upon their happy return, we learned that Dryer Island did, indeed, abduct our spies. We also learned a wealth of information regarding Dryer Island's war plans!

In the meantime, Little Lion Land was very upset that Dryer Island still has their sock spies. An ambassador from Little Lion Land was sent in hopes to negotiate some sort of trade in exchange for their spies; however Dryer Island claimed to have no knowledge of said spies, and in fact acted enraged that Little Lion Land would dare to send spies in the first place! However, the ambassador quickly pointed out the fiasco with Beverly the Bear.

Little Lion Land believes that force may be needed to get back the spies...

Image: The joyous return of the sock spy and the ambassador meeting with the Island.

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